Iraq Baghdad Private Jet Charter

Baghdad International Airport, formerly known as Saddam International Airport, is the country’s largest international aerodrome located in Iraq’s Baghdad Governorate, a suburb about 16 km west of Baghdad city centre. The port is the main hub for Iraqi Airways, the national airline.

Baghdad International Airport is a civilian aerodrome preferred by private jets, especially for business visits. A separate residential area within the airport is home to New Al Muthana Air Base, which houses the Iraqi Air Force’s 23rd Squadron and operates three Lockheed C-130E Hercules transport aircraft. The base is also home to a number of Sukhoi Su-25 attack aircraft.

Baghdad private jet charter prices

Although Iraq air charter fees depend on variables such as the number of passengers, departure airport, flight time, aircraft position, flight date, the prices for private jet charter from Istanbul → Baghdad are as follows.

Light Jet19.250 EUR
Midsize Jet24.550 EUR
Heavy Jet29.550 EUR
Light Jet (7 seats), Midsize Jet (8-9 seats), Heavy Jet (10-16 seats)

These prices are average amounts and you can contact us on our flight reservation screen or by phone for the most accurate price information.

History of Baghdad International Airport

The airport was developed under a consortium led by the French company Spie Batignolles as part of an agreement made in 1979. The Iran-Iraq war delayed the airport’s full opening until 1982. The port was opened as Saddam International Airport, named after the then Iraqi President of the period, Saddam Hussein.

Most of Baghdad’s civilian flights ceased in 1991, when the United Nations imposed restrictions on Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait. After the Persian Gulf War, the no-fly zone imposed on Iraq by the United States and the United Kingdom meant that Iraqi Airways could only resume domestic flights for limited periods. Internationally, the aerodrome was able to receive occasional charter flights to Baghdad, carrying medicine, aid workers and government officials. At that time, Royal Jordanian Airlines operated regular flights from Amman to Baghdad.

In April 2003, US-led Coalition forces invaded Iraq and renamed the airport to Baghdad International Airport. Civil control of the airport was returned to the Iraqi Government from the Coalition Provisional Authority in 2004.

On December 6, 2006, the airport was attacked by rockets and damaged in many parts, especially the runway. After the attack, Terminal C was renovated with three active gate areas for carriers departing from the airport.

Places to visit in Baghdad

Drawing attention with its deep-rooted past and unique natural vegetation, Baghdad hosts many historical artifacts from the past to the present.

Among the places to visit in the city are the Iraqi National Museum, where the works of the Mesopotamian civilization are found, the Abu Hanifa Mosque, which is considered the most important mosque in Baghdad, the Martyr’s Monument, which was built in memory of those who lost their lives in the Iran-Iraq war, the Baghdad Zoo, which is the most touristic point of the city, the Latin Church, which attracts attention with its architecture, the Abbasid Palace, which reflects the magnificent architecture of Baghdad and is used as a university today, and the Ancient City of Babylon, which bears the traces of many civilizations, especially the Sumerians and Akats.

Transportation to to Baghdad Airport

Public buses, taxis and private vehicles are used to reach the city center from the port. Buses departing from the bus stops outside the port reach the city center in approximately 20 minutes. Bus departure times are variable and there may be major disruptions in case of congestion.

Taxis located outside the port are the fastest way to reach the city center, but there is no clear price for taxi fares, usually the journey is made at the agreed price as a result of bargaining.

Private car rental offices located in the port can cause problems in the provision of vehicles for last minute rentals in general, so it would be a good option to make a reservation before the flight.