Private Jet Charter (Charter Flights)

Private jet charter is the service of chartering an airplane for commercial flights from one airport to another one within the framework of the rules of local and international authorities.

How to charter a private jet?

After contacting us by our reservation screen or by phone, you will be provided with the options in different comfort and price ranges for your flight.

When determining these options, the following information is requested from you:

  • Departure city or airport
  • Destination city or airport
  • Flight date or date range that suits you
  • Number of passengers

The most suitable private jets for your departure city and your request are determined based on the information you provide us. You will be presented with options for different prices and aircraft types depending on the number of passengers, flight duration and route. Prices given are all inclusive and include terminal usage fees, standard catering menu and drinks.

Once you approve the flight, you will be sent an air charter agreement. Upon signing the contract, payment is made with the appropriate payment method and flight operations are started.

Necessary flight permits are obtained from the relevant countries and airports depending on the nature of flights; domestic or international. While obtaining these permissions, documents such as ID, passport, visa may be requested from you. If you have additional requests (such as special catering, VIP transfer) they will be organized. Your flight will take place at the scheduled departure time after you check-in from the private terminal on the day of the flight.

Jetsplore organizes this whole process meticulously with its professional flight planning and operation team. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your trip.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

Although private jet charter prices vary according to the departure and destination points, number of passengers, aircraft type, flight duration and operational factors, the average prices for the most frequently flown routes are as follows.

The prices for private jet charter from Istanbul → Bodrum are as follows.

Light Jet6.700 EUR + VAT
Midsize Jet9.300 EUR + VAT
Heavy Jet13.000 EUR + VAT

The prices for private jet charter from Istanbul → Antalya are as follows.

Light Jet7.000 EUR + VAT
Midsize Jet9.500 EUR + VAT
Heavy Jet13.250 EUR + VAT

The prices for private jet charter from Istanbul → London are as follows.

Light Jet18.500 EUR
Midsize Jet26.000 EUR
Heavy Jet35.000 EUR

The prices for private jet charter from Istanbul → Paris are as follows.

Light Jet17.000 EUR
Midsize Jet24.500 EUR
Heavy Jet32.800 EUR

The prices for private jet charter from Bodrum → Mykonos are as follows.

Light Jet6.500 EUR
Midsize Jet8.750 EUR
Heavy Jet11.000 EUR
Light Jet (7 seats), Midsize Jet (8-9 seats), Heavy Jet (10-16 seats)

These prices are average amounts and you can contact us on our flight reservation screen or by phone for the most accurate cost information.

What is an empty leg flight?

An empty flight is a positional flight of a scheduled flight without passengers. Empty leg flights are the flights without passengers made by private jets that go from one destination to another to pick up their passengers or return after dropping off their passengers.

You can access all the affordable and advantageous empty legs in our system from our empty legs page, and you can charter the most suitable private jet with discounts of up to 50%.

How many passengers can a private jet carry?

The number of seats in a private jet vary between 2 and 18, with the exception of wide-body aircraft with a VIP seat configuration. Therefore, a private jet can carry a maximum of 18 passengers.

The number of passengers means the number of seats for anyone over the age of 2. So you need a plane with at least 10 seats for 10 passengers. The number of seats determines the size in all of the private jets. For this reason, the number of seats, aircraft category, comfort and maximum range increase proportionally to each other.

You can find all the private jets and their detailed information on our aircraft page.

Types of private jets

Private jets are divided into 3 main categories based on size and maximum distance they can travel:

  • Light Jets
  • Midsize Jets
  • Heavy Jets

It is possible to subcategorize these as Piston, Turboprop, Entry Level, Super Light, Super Midsize, Long Range and VIP Airliner.

How is the catering service in private jets?

Depending on the features of the private jet used, cold or hot standard breakfast and meal menus, snacks and beverages are served. In addition to these, special requests and changes requested can also be organized.

What are the documents required from private jet passengers?

The documents mainly required from the passengers are passport, ID and visa depending on the destination. According to the requirements of the authorized institutions of the destination country, a residence and work permit, health test result (such as PCR), and a special form to be filled (such as PLF) may be requested. Anyone, real or legal, can charter a private jet and benefit from the VIP services.

What are the advantages of private jet hire?

  • A fast and comfortable journey which you determine the schedule
  • The most suitable jet for your plan among thousands of operators
  • Price options suitable for your budget
  • Private check-in and boarding locations
  • More comprehensive baggage carrying options without the worry of losing
  • Private terminal and resting locations
  • Meal options for your palate
  • A flight crew at your service
  • Possibility to travel without liquid restrictions
  • Wider options for transporting your pets
  • Freedom of movement inside the jet
  • Special arrangements for your business meetings