Travel planning is entrusted to AI

A new experience in travel planning

Lithuania Airports has integrated a new artificial intelligence (AI) assistant to help travelers plan their travels seamlessly. AI assistant can now be actively used by passengers on the websites of Vilnius International Airport (VNO), Kaunas Airport (KUN) and Palanga Airport (PLQ).

In the summer of 2021, Lithuanian Airports will present a record number of new destinations, and holiday seekers will be able to choose from around 80 direct flight routes from the country’s airports. To enhance the travel planning experience, the three Lithuanian airport websites will be able to take advantage of a state-of-the-art integrated AI travel assistant developed by Eddy Travels. After the developments to be made, the AI assistant will be able to be used by private jet charter services in a short time.

Seyahat planlamaları yapay zekaya emanet

Information about different ports can also be obtained

The fully automated AI assistant will provide passengers with the fastest experience as it is designed to search and book the best travel deals without the need for travelers to enter search criteria into cumbersome search forms. Passengers will be able to search for flights, accommodation, tours and events by sending a message to the digital assistant in the chat widget on the websites of airports. The chat widget will be able to access the travel destination information directly from the airports in as little as 30 seconds and present the most up-to-date data to the passengers.

According to Rasa Petraitienė, Head of Customer Experience at Lithuania Airports, the increasing demand for air travel as countries relaxed their COVID-19 travel restrictions led the operator to seek additional tools to facilitate the travel planning process. Speaking on the subject, Petraitienė said, “Our aim is to help passengers, to provide plenty of information about today’s travel rules and regulations, and to convey instantaneous events in the most accurate way. With increasing immunization rates and the relaxation of restrictions by many countries, we are pleased to offer an additional tool that makes it easier to plan your next trip.” he added.

Artificial Intelligence can detect different languages

Thanks to its Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capability, AI can detect different languages and assist passengers by translating. After receiving a message, the AI-powered chatbot automatically understands what people are looking for and can respond within seconds with the best travel offers. AI, which is a first in the aviation industry, can expand further in line with customer feedback.

Artificial Intelligence will also improve itself by talking to each other and categorizing customer demands in different ports. In this way, AI will evolve by learning more and more information every day.