Ambulance Aircraft Charter (Air Ambulance)

Air ambulance charter is a transfer process for patients who need to be transported in a short time or cannot be transported by land, from one location to another destination, with an ambulance aircraft with special equipment and medical team.

How to charter an ambulance aircraft?

After contacting us by our reservation page or by phone, the following information is requested from you:

  • Departure point
  • Arrival point
  • Flight date or date range
  • Patient information and condition
  • Number of companions
  • Specialized support equipment

With this information, your flight supervisor offers the most suitable ambulance aircraft solutions for you by considering the airports to be used, flight duration, medical equipment – medical personnel details and other operational factors.

After the approval stage, an aircraft charter agreement is sent to you. After the contract is signed, payment is made and flight operation preparations begin. The patient, who is brought to the nearest airport by land ambulance, is carefully taken on board and the flight takes off as soon as possible.

Our team, which has adopted that early intervention is one of the most important factors in air ambulance flights, meticulously follows the entire operational process with professional working principles.

Note: Jetsplore provides this service with airlines and aircraft authorized by the Health Directorates of the relevant countries to provide air ambulance services.

Air ambulance charter prices

Although ambulance aircraft charter prices vary according to the airport of departure and arrival, flight time, aircraft type, medical team and medical equipment to be used, the air ambulance charter prices for the most used routes are as follows.

Ankara → Istanbul7.500 EUR + VAT
Antalya → Istanbul7.750 EUR + VAT
Cyprus → İstanbul10.000 EUR
Berlin → Istanbul21.000 EUR
Beirut → Istanbul16.500 EUR
Baghdad → Istanbul21.000 EUR

Which documents are requested from the patients?

Although the documents requested vary depending on the patient and flight, the documents generally requested are as follows:

  • Epicrisis report (medical report)
  • Identity / passport information of the patient and companions
  • Hospital and doctor information
  • Fit to fly report
  • Covid-related tests and documents (such as PCR test result)

Are special permits required for ambulance flights?

Air ambulance flights are exempt from flight permits and airport slots (departure date and time allocated to the aircraft). Apart from exceptional cases, flights are operated only with the flight plan, without the need for any special permit.

Does my health insurance cover the air ambulance?

The payment of the ambulance plane fee by health insurance varies according to your insurance company and policy. You can get the most accurate information by consulting your insurance company before chartering a plane.

What standard equipment is available on ambulance aircraft?

  • Stretcher
  • Respirator
  • Defibrillator
  • Cardiac Monitor, ECG
  • Oxygen supplies, regulator and indicator
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Infusion pump
  • Intubation equipments
  • Portable suction unit
  • Oropharyngeal cannula
  • Breathing mask
  • Medicines

When is an air ambulance used?

Ambulance aircraft service can be used in many situations, especially in emergency diseases, pandemic-specific situations, organ transplantation, transfer of babies in the neonatal intensive care unit, obesity patients, passengers with skin disorders, etc.

How can i apply air ambulance services?

You can reach us 24/7 from our reservation screen or phone for requesting air ambulance and do not hesitate to ask us anything you have in your mind.