Why Jetsplore?

Jetsplore is a leading aircraft charter company which has more than 10 years of experience, with thousands of contracted aircraft and solution partners all over the world. It brings you the most logical solutions with the most affordable prices, no matter how comprehensive the flight is requested with its honest and professional working principles and expert team.

Honest and professional manner

We ensure our clients receive the best quality of service that they deserve in flight pricing, planning, operation and post-flight stages by thinking of each of our customers as our most valuable asset.

Options of multiple airplanes and airports

We evaluate all options and offer the most suitable aircrafts and airports as an option for the requested flight. You have the chance to choose the plane you want according to your budget and wishes within different price and comfort options,

Transparent pricing policy and affordable prices

We give all our customers the most reasonable and affordable prices, regardless of flight.

Flight support available 24/7

The whole process proceeds smoothly and quickly with our 24/7 operating units that you can reach at any time during the pricing, flight planning and operation.

Our expert team is with you during the whole flight process

Our experienced team is always at your service for all your questions such as aircraft charter process, flight permits, country restrictions, ground services, customs, aircraft and airport information.

An innovative and always self-improving platform

Our company, which provides world-class service, aims to turn the aircraft charter industry into a growing market that can be reached by every budget with its innovative and technological approaches in the private jet charter sector in our country. in order not to mention only the word “luxury”.

Safety and comfort together

All aircraft in our flight network strictly comply with the flight standards set by local and international authorities. Jetsplore does not work with aircrafts that do not comply with professionalism, international quality, safety and comfort standards by revealing its difference in the sector.

Discounted flights with customer loyalty programs

We offer affordable and advantageous options to our customers who always prefer us.

Empty and advantageous flights

We offer a private jet charter experience with discounted prices of up to 50% by reserving the aircraft that have completed their current program and returning for their next destination or center. You can immediately book flights suitable for your schedule and hire a private aircraft with for affordable prices with our new generation advantageous flights system.