Ulaanbaatar Private Jet Charter

Buyantu Khan International Airport, formerly known as Genghis Khan International Airport from 2005 to 2020, is the airport serving the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Located 18 km southwest of the capital and serving Mongolia, the port is a semi-operational international airport. In 2021, following the opening of the new airport, it currently functions as a backup airport to be used for private jet, charter and diplomatic flights, as well as flight training.

The airport is the main base of operations for national airlines MIAT Mongolian Airlines, Eznis Airways and Aero Mongolia

Mongolia Ulaanbaatar private jet charter prices

Although Buyantu Khan Airport air charter fees depend on variables such as the number of passengers, departure airport, flight time, aircraft position, flight date, the prices for private jet charter from Istanbul → Ulaanbaatar are as follows.

Heavy Jet83.050 EUR
Long Range Jet109.400 EUR
VIP Airliner223.900 EUR
Heavy Jet (10-16 seats), Long Range Jet (13-16 seats), VIP Airliner (17-60 seats)

These prices are average amounts and you can contact us on our flight reservation screen or by phone for the most accurate price information.

History of Buyantu Khan Airport

The airport was first established on 19 February 1957 as Buyant-Ukhaa Central Airport. In 1958, international flights began with flights to Irkutsk and Beijing using Ilyushin Il-14 aircraft. Regular flights from the airport started in 1961. The terminal was adapted for international traffic in 1986.

Following the Mongolian Revolution in 1990, between 1994 and 1997, with the help of the Asian Development Bank, another major upgrade of construction and air navigation was carried out, bringing the airport up to ICAO standards. The US$ 50 million construction project was carried out by the German/British joint venture of Philipp Holzmann and Wimpey Asphalt, the successful bidder.

The airport was renamed Genghis Khan International Airport on 21 December 2005 to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the founding of the State of Mongolia.

In 2021, with the opening of the new Ulaanbaatar International Airport, flights to the port were restricted. As the new airport will be named Genghis Khan International Airport, Buyantu Khan reverted to its former name on 1 July 2020.

Places to visit in Ulaanbaatar

Few cities in the world have changed as much in the last 20 years as Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. Home to around half of the country’s population and growing every day, Ulaanbaatar has developed a thriving youth culture (with a huge K-Pop music fanbase) and some fantastic dining experiences as it emerges from the Communist era.

It has also begun to draw on Mongolia’s rich history with monasteries, traditional theatres and archaeological museums, creating a unique blend of the old, the new and the completely unpredictable. Whether you’re heading for a yurt in the steppes or travelling to Beijing, Ulaanbaatar has a lot to offer.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Mongolian Buddhists, but these days they are back on their feet and the country’s rich religious heritage, from dazzling temples like Gandam to the collection of dancing masks at Choijin Lama, is a major attraction. The capital’s museums offer a wide range of attractions. The Natural History Museum is outstanding, as is the National Museum of Mongolian History, but smaller attractions such as the Museum of Mongolian Costumes are also enjoyable.

Staying in Ulaanbaatar you can go to the steppes for horse riding or stay in yurts, see the wild horses of Hustai National Park, ride camels or visit great temples such as Amarbayasgalant Monastery

Buyantu Khan airport information

In 2021, after the opening of the new airport, Buyantu Han Airport, which started to be used as a backup airport after the opening of the new airport, transportation options from Buyantu Han Airport to the city centre were also reduced in the same period. Taxis located at the port exit are used to reach the city centre from the port.

There are also offices of different private car hire companies within the airport.