Macedonia Ohrid Private Jet Charter

Ohrid Saint Paul Apostle Airport, also known as Ohrid Airport, is an international airport in Ohrid, North Macedonia. The airport is located 9 km northwest of Ohrid. The main purpose of Saint Paul Apostle Airport is to become a second airport in North Macedonia, serving as an alternative to Skopje International Airport and catering for private jet flights to Ohrid.

The airport can accommodate small and medium-sized aircraft. The apron can park up to 9 aircraft and the terminal is equipped to serve 400,000 passengers per year. The terminal building has an information desk, a restaurant, a duty-free shop and a VIP lounge, among other facilities. Local residents wait for travellers outside the building

Macedonia private jet charter prices

Although Ohrid Saint Paul Apostle Airport air charter fees depend on variables such as the number of passengers, departure airport, flight time, aircraft position, flight date, the prices for private jet charter from Istanbul → Ohrid are as follows.

Light Jet10.350 EUR
Midsize Jet14.950 EUR
Heavy Jet19.650 EUR
Light Jet (7 seats), Midsize Jet (8-9 seats), Heavy Jet (10-16 seats)

These prices are average amounts and you can contact us on our flight reservation screen or by phone for the most accurate price information.

Ohrid Airport history and unknown facts

Ohrid Airport was opened in 1952, when the Republic of Macedonia was part of Socialist Yugoslavia. At that time it was located between the villages of Gorenzi and Dubrovnik. Initially there was a 900 metre runway. The first international flight took place on 5 July 1953. In 2004, the last reconstruction of the airport was completed when a new lighting system was installed.

In 2008, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia signed a 20-year contract with the Turkish airline company Tepe Akfen Ventures for the maintenance and further modernisation of Ohrid and Skopje airports. Future plans include building a new terminal and improving the VIP section at Ohrid airport, expanding Skopje airport and building a third airport in the town of Stip. The cost of the entire project is EUR 200 million.

Ohrid travel guide

Ohrid, one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Balkans, is a city on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Among the points that may be of interest to tourists in the city are the Castle of Tsar Samuel, which overlooks the city from the hill and offers a unique view, Lake Ohrid, known as the oldest deep crater lake in Europe, the Church of St John, one of the oldest architectures of the city, the National Workshop For Handmade Paper (Lupco Panevski), where paper is made from cherry wood with traditional methods, the Ohrid National Museum, one of the most beautiful examples of traditional Macedonian civil architecture, and the Church of St Clement (Pantelejmon), one of the most successful examples of Byzantine architecture.

Ohrid airport transport routes

Although there are not many options for getting from Ohrid Saint Paul Apostle Airport to the city centre, it is possible to reach the centre quickly thanks to its off-peak traffic.

Taxi is one of the easiest options to get from Ohrid Airport to the city centre. It takes approximately 35 minutes to reach the city centre by taxi from the stops located outside the port.

Established in 2017, the bus line is another alternative to reach the city centre. Serving 24/7 until 00:00 at night, the buses depart every hour and go directly to the centre.

There are also offices of different car rental companies in the port.