Genoa Private Jet Charter

Genoa – Sestri Airport, also known as Cristoforo Colombo International Airport, is an Italian airport located in the city of Genoa, on an artificial peninsula opposite the Sestri Ponente district. The airport has a 2915 m long asphalt runway. The airport is open to commercial traffic and is managed by Aeroporto di Genova SpA.

Due to its proximity to the city (it is located about 9 km west of the center of Genoa), the airport is considered a city airport. The airport, the largest in Liguria with around 1.5 million passengers per year, connects Genoa with numerous local airports and important intercontinental transit points in Europe. The port is the preferred port for private jet flights to the city.

Italy private jet charter prices

Although Cristoforo Colombo Airport air charter fees depend on variables such as the number of passengers, departure airport, flight time, aircraft position, flight date, the prices for private jet charter from Istanbul → Genoa are as follows.

Light Jet14.300 EUR
Midsize Jet19.250 EUR
Heavy Jet26.500 EUR
Light Jet (7 seats), Midsize Jet (8-9 seats), Heavy Jet (10-16 seats)

These prices are average amounts and you can contact us on our flight reservation screen or by phone for the most accurate price information.

Cristoforo Colombo Airport history

The beginnings of aviation in Genoa are closely linked to the Ansaldo and Piaggio companies. During the First World War, Piaggio Aerospace, located today in Sestri Ponente, produced aircraft parts under license, and in 1923 they began producing their own aircraft. These soon played an important role in Italy’s burgeoning scheduled civilian traffic.

In January 1925, the airline SANA (Società Anonima di Navigazione Aerea) was founded in Genoa. From 1926, seaplanes flew from the city’s large harbor to various destinations in the Mediterranean. From 1929, British Imperial Airlines used the port as a stopover on the route between London and Karachi.

After the Second World War, it was decided to create an artificial peninsula in the harbor basin and build a commercial airport for the city there. Work began in 1954 and the inauguration took place in 1962. The 2300-meter-long runway was accompanied by simple handling facilities. With the completion of the new terminal in 1986, Genoa also took on the role of an alternative airport for some of the airports in the Po Valley in northern Italy, which had to be closed frequently due to fog.

Places to visit in Genoa

Known as the trade and maritime capital of the world during the Genoese period, Genoa is a city that stands out with its historical buildings, exquisite nature and tranquility.

Among the places to visit in Genoa, which is one of the most tourist-attracting cities in Italy; Piazza de Ferrari, which is the central point of the city, Palazzo Ducale, which attracts attention with different exhibitions in Ferrari square, Teatro Carlo Felice (opera and theater building), Via Roma, where luxury shops coexist, Palazzi dei Rolli, the historical street with palace buildings, Palazzo Rosso, where the whole Genoa is seen from a bird’s eye view, Porto Antico, one of the oldest ports of the country, Galata Museo del Mare, the maritime museum located in the port, and Boccadasse, an old fishing town.

Genoa airport transportation details

There are different alternatives for transportation from Cristoforo Colombo Airport, which attracts attention with its proximity to the city center and is one of the easiest airports to reach the city center.

Taxis at the exit of the port are available 24/7 and there is a taximeter in the vehicles, so there is no need to bargain. The buses called Volabus serve between 06:00 – 23:00 and you can reach the city center as well as 2 train stations with these buses.

There are also offices of different car rental companies in the port.