Bahamas Nassau Private Jet Charter

Lynden Pindling International Airport is the largest airport in the Bahamas and the largest international gateway to the country. It is an important hub for Bahamasair, Western Air and Pineapple Air. The airport is located on the island of New Providence, west of Lake Killarney and about 15 km from Nassau.

The airport was named Nassau International Airport until 2006, when it was renamed in honor of Lynden Pindling, the first Prime Minister of the Bahamas after independence in 1973. The port is the only one available for private jet flights to the country.

Bahamas private jet charter prices

Although Lynden Pindling Airport air charter fees depend on variables such as the number of passengers, departure airport, flight time, aircraft position, flight date, the prices for private jet charter from Istanbul → Nassau are as follows.

Heavy Jet117.900 EUR
Long Range Jet135.400 EUR
VIP Airliner197.300 EUR
Heavy Jet (10-16 seats), Long Range Jet (13-16 seats), VIP Airliner (17-60 seats)

These prices are average amounts and you can contact us on our flight reservation screen or by phone for the most accurate price information.

Nassau Airport history

In August 1942, RAF 111 Operational Training Unit was established at Nassau Airfield to train general reconnaissance teams using North American Mitchell and Consolidated Liberators. During the Second World War, on December 30, 1942, the airfield was renamed Windsor Field and became a Royal Air Force station.

After the Second World War, on June 1, 1946, the RAF withdrew from Windsor Field and it returned to civilian use. Oakes Field (now Thomas Robinson Stadium) remained the main airport in the Bahamas due to its proximity to downtown Nassau. At the International Civil Aviation Organization’s Regional Caribbean Conference held in Washington in September 1946, it was recommended that Oakes Field be designated as a regular long-range airport. Oakes International Airport remained in operation until midnight on November 1, 1957, when Nassau International Airport at Windsor Field became fully operational.

The airport was officially renamed on July 6, 2006 in honor of the Rt Hon Sir Lynden Pindling (March 22, 1929 – August 25, 2000), the first Prime Minister of the Bahamas (1967 – 1992). Sir Lynden is recognized as the Father of the Nation for leading The Bahamas to Majority rule in 1967 and full Independence from the United Kingdom within the Commonwealth six years later.

With over 3 million passengers and more than 80,000 take-offs and landings, the airport had reached its capacity by 2011 and its facilities were old and inadequate. In 2006, the Nassau Airport Development Corporation (NAD) signed a 10-year management agreement with YVR Airport Services Ltd, the commercial arm of Vancouver Airport.

The redevelopment brought airport facilities up to international standards and increased terminal capacity. The work was carried out in three phases. The first phase involved the design and construction of a new 247,000 square meter US Departures Terminal at a cost of $198.1 million. The second phase consisted of the complete renovation of the existing US terminal to serve as the new US/International Arrivals Terminal at a budget of USD 127.9 million. Phase 3 included the design and construction of a new 112,000 square meter domestic arrivals and departures terminal, as well as an International Departures Terminal on the site of the existing International Arrivals Hall. This final phase cost 83.5 million dollars.

Bahamas travel guide

Founded in 1964, the Bahamas is a lovely vacation island in the Americas. Tourism is the main source of income in the country:

The Pirates of Nassau Museum in the capital of the country, which has been hosting its visitors since 1716, the Bahamas National Art Gallery, where famous works of art are exhibited, Montagu Castle, which was founded in 1742 and has not lost anything from its robustness by defying the years, Fincastle Castle, which played an important role in the defense of the country due to its strategic location in the 1700s, The Bahamas Government House, which attracts attention with its simple architecture and selected colors, Cable Beach, which stands out with its white fine-grained sands, Pink Sands Beach, which is generally preferred by divers, Grand Bahama Island, which is the closest to the United States by location, and Dean’s Blue Hole, which contains the water with the highest salt content known on Earth.

Nassau airport transportation guide

There are not many alternatives for passengers arriving at Nassau Airport to reach the city center. Taxis outside the port are mainly preferred for transportation to the city center. For crowded groups, it is possible to rent a bus from companies such as A-1, Big Al’s, Black Car, Chosen, Dan Knowles, but it may be necessary to make a reservation in advance for such crowded groups. The last alternative to reach the city from the port is to rent a private car from the car rental offices of different companies located in the port.