Charter Flights

Charter flights are leasing of an aircraft for the purpose of carriage of passengers and cargo, subject to the rules of local and international authorities.

What are charter flight services?

Jetsplore has divided aircraft rental services into 5 main categories.

1) Private Jet Charter (Private Jet Hire)

It is the process of leasing light, medium and heavy jets which has between 2-18 seats for passenger flights from one destination to another.

2) Air Cargo Charter (Air Freight)

It is the service of the transportation of the cargo, which does not cause a problem for the legislation, by leasing the whole or part of the aircraft in accordance with the rules of local and global authorities.

3) Air Ambulance

It is called leasing of private jets that can turn into ambulance configuration for medical reasons such as patient transportation, organ transplantation, funeral transfer.

4) Group Charter Flights (Commercial Aircraft Charter)

It is a chartering for arrow and wide-body aircraft which has 30-500 seats for passenger transportation for such plans; holiday, business travel, organization, sports competition and so on.

5) Helicopter Charter

It is the lease of single and double engine helicopters with seats between 4-9 for passenger and cargo flights between one heliport to another.

How does process go?

After contacting us through our communication channels, your flight representative requests some information from you according to your preferred aircraft charter service. These informations such as; date, number of passengers, departure and destination points, cargo and baggage amount, etc, will allow us to calculate prices.

According to these parameters, we offer you as many options as possible as all-inclusive prices. After choosing the most suitable option for you, the relevant aircraft charter agreement will be sent to you and payment options will be determined.

After your flight is confirmed, the entire operational process is meticulously followed by Jetsplore.

How much are the plane charter prices? How is the aircraft rental fee calculated?

When calculating the aircraft charter price, the hourly cost of the aircraft, airport and ground services charges, flight time, flight date, number of passengers, current fuel price, accommodation cost of the crew, block times, etc.

Is it easy to charter a plane?

It is very easy to charter a private jet with Jetsplore, whether for individual or corporate requests. We guarantee the best service to our customers with more than 10 years of experience, thousands of contracted solution partners all over the world, our professional working principles and our expert team.